Private Cruises
in Greece

Cruise Greek islands with La Reine,
the preferred wooden blue cruise yacht with a diamond.
Rated 5-star Service *****
In private, with your own group up to 12 persons.

"No other type of holiday has ever given me this."

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La Reine & Crew

La Reine

The gulet La Reine is 24m. long and 7m. wide, the wood is in impeccable condition. Inside 2 double bed and 4 twin bed cabins, all with private bathroom with toilet and shower. On deck cushions and pillows, and sunbeds to lounge. Crew will serve you your drinks.


La Reine's staff is eminently qualified. Captain, cook, service and deckhand will be at your service. Because we are perfectionists, owner Süleyman Tesadif is permanently on board.


The proud owners of La Reine are Süleyman Tesadif and Heleen Kram. Süleyman is experienced for more than 10 years now in the private cruise world. Heleen is qualified in Wine Tasting Science with a love for fine food & wines, and professional distributor of fine cult wines into Europe.

Your Stay


Step into the luxury world of La Reine, blue cruise undiscovered bays, sweet fishermen's towns, world famous beaches.


Enjoy breakfast with homemade egg dish, and farmer's jams, honey, yoghurt and cheese. Cook will make your lunch with ingredients from local farmers. Have a fresh salad, and a nice light dish. For dinner there is always a mediterranean vegitarean, fish, chicken or beef dish, with a fresh beer, or the right wine off course.


For our demanding guests our famous quality wines are on board. Refreshing white, seductive rosé, impressive red. A small tasting aboard is possible. We can arrange wine excursions. We love to bring gastronomic adventure.

Blue Water fun

Off course La Reine has the water sports. Jump from board right into the clear blue sea. Kayak to this private beach, bounce up and down with the inner tube behind the dinghy speed boat! On request we can arrange any type of water sports, like jet ski, racing banana, diving clinic.

Your Journey

  • Location

    La Reine's is cruising Greek islands:

    Cyclades – between Mykonos and Santorini

    Ionian – between Corfu and Zakynthos

    South Dodekanese – between Kos and Rhodos

    June and September are best for Mykonos-Santorini (pre and late summer are marvelous there)

    July and August are best for Corfu-Zakynthos (sometimes strong winds in the Cyclades)

    October-November are best for Kos-Rhodos (still very nice weather and water temperature).

    From the airport of your island of arrival, we take full care of our respected guests. Transfer service is waiting just outside the airport and will bring you right on board La Reine. Captain will welcome you with a firm hand. Crew will invite you to your cabin. Make yourself comfortable, come on deck and have a drink afterwards..

  • Facts

    Passport: Valid during your stay in Greece
    Arrival airport: Airport confirmed in advance by La Reine Private Cruises office
    Flights: Your own booking.

    Check-in time La Reine:

    Saturday: after 6.30 PM

    Transfer Arrival Saturday

    Airport - La Reine:
    included, about 30 minutes drive.

    Check-out time La Reine:

    Saturday: 9.00 AM

    Transfer Departure Saturday:

    La Reine - Airport: Included, about 30 minutes drive.

Prices and Amenities

Here we proudly present our prices 2022.
Enjoy La Reine's luxury in Service and 100% Privacy, natural materials, all home made food, fine wines and the great mind we have to our respected guests.

Prices for chartering the whole yacht, for max. 12 guests, from Saturday to Saturday:

Pre- and after season: €18.500

April 30th - June 25th 2022
September 17th - November 5th 2022

High season: €20.595

June 25th - September 17th 2022

Standard included

Crew, fuel, port fees arrival and departure day, boat-, passengers- and crew insurance, final cleaning. Transfer Airport - La Reine vv.

Double bed or twin bed cabin, en suite private bathroom with toilet and shower, cold and hot water, bed- and bath linen, beach towel, daily cleaning, 4/24hrs. airconditioning.

220V, professional & powerful Wifi.

Kayaks, paddle boards, snorkeling, children's water play tools.

Food & Drinks

Food Package:
Half Board: 7 Breakfasts and 6 Meals (lunch or dinner): €420 for adults. Children born 2010 & later: 25% discount; Children born 2018 & later: 50% discount.

Extra dinner on board €40 Euro per person.

Food is mostly organic, from local farmers, and everything is freshly made.

Drink options:
Unlimited tea, coffee, fresh mint tea, smoothies, waters, juices, soft drinks, beer, house wine red, rosé and white on board €245. €110 for unlimited non-alcoholic drinks on board. Children born 2018 & later: 50% discount.


Advanced Provisional Allowance 5.500 Euro, to pay extra meals, extra drinks from yacht's bar, extra airconditioning, port fees, taxiboat. Surplus will be refunded.

Your flight:

Current Greek rate.

Required, covering luggage, money, cancelling, additional health costs, accidents abroad, repatriation, and extra expenses.

On board we have a wine list with a selection of premium wines from Greece, Heleen's personal selection. The wines are available at a fixed price/bottle

Spirits are available at a fixed price/glass.

Fees & Costs:
Port fees during cruise week, toll fees, all costs outside La Reine, such as rent of motored water sports, mopeds, taxi’s, entrance fees, dining ashore.

Crew tip:
Tipping is very customary: it is like merit rating and expressing your satisfaction. An indication could be €50 per guest for the whole week.

And this

Your booking is definitive after 100% payment. 100% payment 12 weeks before departure: 5% discount

On board La Reine: after 5.30 PM

From La Reine: 9.00 AM

Terms & Conditions:
See page 'Your Security'

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Your Security

In the attached file you find the Terms and Conditions supporting a beautiful stay on La Reine, also when things don't go the way they should be.. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. Your trip is governed by the laws of the Netherlands and of Europe. La Reine follows the terms and conditions drawn up by the Dutch Association of Travel Agents and Tour Operators, www.anvr.nl; and ECTAA (Group of National Travel Agents and Touroperators Associations within the EU, www.ectaa.org.

Download Terms & conditions

Your Wines

The wines you can taste on board La Reine, are for sale. Check www.lareinewines.com/webwinkel and buy: taste beforehand, or extend your experience of being home on La Reine!


Virus fighting food

2020-03-16 22:21:17 GMT

The Corona experience is having an enormous impact on our daily life. Nearly all activities around us are being suspended, we’re induced, forced even, to stay home. What does all this do to us? How can we hold on, we individuals, fathers, teachers, youngsters, sports people, business women, caregivers, grandmothers, ministers, kids..


(US guests onboard La Reine, Patras, Greece)

My friend Shaula has an organic farm. She and her husband grow organic vegetables and fruits. At this time of the year they’re waiting for the new lambs to be born. And in the barn she runs a farm shop where she’s selling the organic veggies and fruits that come right from their land. I go there every week.

Yesterday she told me that she welcomed a whole lot of new clients in the shop. People were buying organic apples, all sorts of leaves like crisp arugula and spinach, and ginger roots. This struck me.


(Fruit market boat at Aegina Island, Greece)

It seems Corona is bringing us back to our body and our health. Consciously or unconsciously people start to take very good care of themselves. Food seems an essential way to do this. More pure, more real, more unpocessed, more seasonal. Give our body what it needs, so it can give us back a healthy digestive and a strong immune system.

Studies show that the traditional Greek kitchen, especially the Cretan, is so healthy, that heart disease rates are 96% lower, cancer rates are lower, and general mortality is nearly half (!) compared to other western countries.
Why is this so?

Most important difference is that the Greek use nearly 2x as much olive oil as other western countries. There is virgin olive oil in everything: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in their sweet pastry as well!

(Photo credits: Greece-is.com)

Secondly, fruits and vegetables are a very big part of this diet. Vegetables are often prepared as a delicious salad, keeping the vitamins intact.
Traditional Cretans eat very little meat, large amounts of pulses superfood, wholemeal bread, and every meal 1 glas of red wine. Mmmm…

We simply love to spoil our guests with our gastronomy based on the Cretan food principles. Even meat lovers are surprised by the Chef with her delicious dishes aboard. Just come and try.

In the meantime take best care of yourself. Remove processed food, eat organic, plant based and pure. Use virgin olive oil! Inspiration? Find some amazing recepies here: https://www.incrediblecrete.gr/cretan-recipes/

Stay safe, we’re with you.


Cruise Greece in more oxygen

2020-02-16 12:57:18 GMT

For many of us now is the time to make choices for our summer holiday. A lot is happening in the world at the moment. For our holiday we just want to get away for a while from all the news, the politics, the worries and the risks. Our holiday has to be happy-go-lucky!

Where to go? The big tour operators see people seem to avoid any health risks. Instead, holidays in the Mediterranean are becoming more and more popular. 

Read below why Greece is so popular, with scientific evidence!  ;-)


Did you know Greece’s Aegean Sea is the 3rd most healthy place in the world? The air has more Oxygen than nearly anywhere else.

During Greek summer every day the refreshing Meltemi wind blows all over the Aegean Sea to clean the air of Mýkonos, Naxos, Ios and Santorini.
Meltemi comes from the north of Greece, from Thessaloniki.
The clean wind meets nothing but deep blue oxygen-rich sea water. No industries, no air polluting big cities, just water and olive trees. It’s true!
Read below why this gives more oxygen in our breathing air


Actually it’s not that our breathing air can contain more oxygen than the normal 21% we have. It’s that the Meltemi air contains léss undesirable substances, léss dust! And less dust means reletively more oxygen in the air. Breathe!


2020-01-27 11:57:06 GMT

Jade.. Sapphire.. The precious gemstones from the Greek islands

Did you know on Greek islands there are veins of precious gemstones to discover? In Greece every island is the top of an underwater mountain, born from a volcano eruption or pushed up by Earth crust’s plates! What an exciting thought and it’s still happening: the sea-floors from Africa are pushing under the European plate, just south of Greece. At a numerous places the Earth crust broke under this tremendous pressure. And there.. Earth revealed her deep en amazing secrets: veins of gemstone.

Read below which gems you can admire:


On the island of Syros, just west of Mýkonos, there are hidden places where you can find raw Jade. Did you know Jade brings you luck and prosperity?

On the island of Naxos you can find the beautiful blue Sapphire. This gemstone supports your truth and helps to relieve stress.

So, on your Cyclades Private Cruise with La Reine, just ask the Captain to pass by Syros and Naxos!

Cyclades: from May 16th to 20th, and from September 12th to October 3rd.

Email us: info@lareinecruises.com

Call us: +316 54 32 69 53

Some adventure? Train to Corfu Greece & board La Reine!

2020-01-19 00:56:05 GMT

From London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid, board the fast international trains and make the journey part of your exciting getaway! From Euro 875/GBP 745/USD 970 pp. (one way trains&ferry) enjoy all comfort onboard the trains, cross 3 European countries, pass the famous cities on your way. In Ancona or Bari, Italy, the fast ferry between Italy and Greece will take you to Corfu. There, right at the ferry exit, La Reine’s included transfer service will pick you up to bring you right at La Reine’s gangway. Captain will be there to welcome you. Your drink is ready, let your Private Cruise begin!

(Read below how you organize this amazing trip)


Seems a wonderful idea. But where to start? How do you organize this?
We found a super website to check all options you need:   https://www.rome2rio.com/. From there you can check all train and ferry booking sites and plan your trip. Or for an extra Euro 250/GBP 215/USD 280 per booking we will organize the complete trip for you. Just send us an email on info@lareinecruises.com.
Enjoy this amazing adventure, followed by your Private Cruise onboard La Reine. Bon voyage!

Privé cruisen, in Griekenland, op topniveau. Kan dat? – Villa d'Arte

2020-01-15 14:09:41 GMT

English below!

Yess! LA REINE staat met een prachtig verhaal in het life style magazine Villa d’Arte!
Lees op de site van Villa d’Arte het hele verhaal en droom even weg… Heerlijk een weekje er even tussenuit langs Griekse eilanden met familie of vrienden, alles geregeld, vlucht, transfer, inclusief premium food&drinks aan boord. Doen?



Yess! LA REINE has a beautiful story in the Dutch life style magazine Villa d’Arte!
See all of it in this link https://www.villadarte.nl/reizen/prive-cruisen-in-griekenland-op-topniveau-kan-dat/ on Villa d’Arte’s website and dream away for a while..  Have a delicious private cruise week along Greek islands with family or good friends. Everything taken care of, flight, transfer, premium food&drinks onboard included. Let’s do this!

2020-01-03 10:40:35 GMT

2019-12-29 07:01:00 GMT

Why dolphins swim along


One of the most exciting events happening on your holiday is no doubt when dolphins pay you a visit and swim along with you for a while. Our guests onboard La Reine are frequently honored with a dolphins’ visit, while cruising Greek islands, holding their favorite drink in their hand. 

Ever wondered why dolphins do this?

Dolphins are very intelligent and sensitive creatures. They can tap into the energy of strong and powerful animals and people miles away. And when they suddenly surprise us with their beautiful show, they have actually come to ‘tell’ you: You have a strong and powerful character! Can you feel?! Use it! Just like I do! The world needs your power!

And this makes sense: when dolphins come to surprise you, you feel thrilled! Your own strong power popping up.. Ohh those dolphins, thanks for the reminder!

Click on the link to watch those gratious creatures swim along with La Reine: https://clipchamp.com/watch/Untitled-Project-daufFn


La Reine New Year’s wish 2020!

2019-12-28 21:25:02 GMT

Click here:

In beautiful Greece, there is this tradition for the festive days, to decorate ships with hundreds of lights. This goes back to the time in history when people were happy and grateful that the ships had come back home safely from long times at sea. The decorated ships then became a symbol of the wish for a prosperous New Year as well.
We wish you a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous 2020!
Captain Süleyman Tesadif, Heleen Kram
La Reine Private Cruises

La Reine in Magazine VRIJ van De Telegraaf

2016-10-01 16:12:44 GMT

Vera van Winkelen heeft een uitstekend artikel geschreven voor Magazine VRIJ van De Telegraaf, naar aanleiding van haar perstrip aan boord van La Reine. Open de linkjes en lees verder:
Vera van Winkelen has written a very good story for Magazine VRIJ of the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, about her press trip on board La Reine.

Link naar pdf met artikel


Robert Berger Blues Cruise!

2016-08-11 15:19:05 GMT

Open hier de link voor alle informatie: http://eepurl.com/b_JC9H

Dit is een unieke en exclusieve trip. 7 Dagen Blue Cruise eilandhoppen Griekenland, mét Robert Berger aan boord. Hij neemt zijn piano mee, en dan: “bergerwijnen”, blues, wine&dine. Robert rocking La Reine! Klik op bovenstaande link, boek, en beleef dit spektakel. Niet te missen.

Hier is hij! Onweerstaanbaar, onbedwingbaar.. Het aanbod.

2016-08-06 17:54:40 GMT

(For English: scroll down!)

Hi! Je hebt de plek gevonden waar ons onweerstaanbare aanbod wordt onthuld. Leuk! We houden je niet langer in spanning.

Wat is het:
Een Blue Cruise voor Jou, Genot&Wijn, op onze gulet La Reine in Griekenland.

Wanneer is het:
Zaterdag 27 augustus v.a. 15 uur (happy hour), tot zaterdag 3 september ca. 10 uur (nadat we klaar zijn met ons ontbijt).

Wat kost het:
1.250 Euro pp.

Wat krijg ik daarvoor:
+ Transfer van en naar de luchthaven.
+ 7 Nachten verblijf aan boord in een 2-persoons slaapcabine met eigen badkamer met toilet en douche.
+ 7x Ontbijt, 6x Lunch en 5x Diner aan boord.
+ Alle drankjes, inclusief bier en goede huiswijn, de gehele dag beschikbaar.
+ 5 Dagen varen langs waanzinnige plekken. Ruige kustlijn, of vergeten eilandjes, naar wens van onze gasten.
+ Voor anker in baaitjes met verlaten strand, aanleggen in vissersdorpjes en havenstadjes, lekker struinen door gezellige straatjes.
+ Zwemmen in heerlijk, diepblauw zeewater. Dolfijnen tegenkomen. Kayakken, SUPpen.
+ Ontspannen in de zitjes met grote kussens, Powernap op je zonnebed.
+ Nachtzwemmen. Onder de sterrenhemel slapen.

En wat krijg ik in deze prijs extra als onweerstaanbaar aanbod:

+! Retourvlucht naar La Reine

+! Keuze uit:
     1 dag cursus Duiken van een gecertificeerde Duikschool;
     1 dag Hamam, met scrub, behandeling met olijfzeep,
      lichaamsmassage en gezichtsbehandeling

Er zijn maar 6 plekjes beschikbaar, dus wees snel.
Email ons op info@lareinecruises.com, of bel +31 65432 69 53.

(scroll down for English)



Hi! You found the place where we reveal our irresistable offer. Nice! See for yourself!

What is it:
A Blue Cruise voor Wine, You and Delight, onboard our gulet La Reine in Greece.

When is it:
Saturday 27th of August, 3pm. (happy hour), until Saturday 3rd of September, 10am. (after we finished our breakfast).

What’s the price:
1.250 Euro pp.

What do I get for this money:
+ Transfer from and to the Airport.
+ 7 Nights stay on board, in a twin bed cabin with it’s own bathroom with toilet and shower.
+ 7x Breakfast, 6x Lunch en 5x Diner on board.
+ All drinks, including beer en good house wine, all day available.
+ 5 Days sailing along astonishing places. Rough coastlines, or forgotten
+ Anchorage in small bays with quiet beach, touching ports of fisher’s villages
   and small port towns. walking cosy small streets.
+ Swimming in deepblue water. Meet dolphins. Kayak, SUP board.
+ Relax in seats with big cushions. Powernap on your sunbed.
+ Nightswim. Sleep under the starry sky.

And what do I get for this price as an irresistable offer:

+! Flight to and from La Reine

+! Choice from:
    1 day Diving course from a certified Diving School;
    1 day Hamam, with scrub, olive soap treatment, body massage and
       face treatment.

There are only 6 places available, so be fast.
Send your email to info@lareinecruises.com, or call +31 65432 69 53

With love, 
Heleen Kram, owner


She’s on voyage, and we love it!

2016-05-12 12:11:34 GMT

Welcome onboard La Reine!

2016-04-20 13:17:27 GMT

The place to be for your Private Cruise along the famous Greek islands. Rated 5 stars***** Cruise your own way. Culture? Wellness? Shopping? Nature? Eat-out & Nightlife? Captain will cruise you where you prefer. And.. he knows the secret bays to anchor, have your own private dining party and sleep ondeck right under the millions of stars.


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Or contact your preferred travel agent. Ask for yacht La Reine. She's everywhere.

La Reine
Your diamond to discover..

Welcome aboard! Now relax and have your drink

Süleyman Tesadif
Heleen Kram
Office NL +31654326953

See La Reine, see all of her

Look, there is your cabin, your sunbed, it’s your lunch, your glass, your place at the table.

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